Some of the best Lego creations ever made will go on display in Ireland next month

Some of the best Lego creations ever made will go on display in Ireland next month

SOME of the biggest and best Lego creations ever made will go on display in Ireland next month.

A huge Lego brick exhibition which has toured Asia, Australia, and the US will make its European debut in Dublin in March.

Bricktionary: The Interactive Lego Brick Exhibition will open in Dublin’s Theatre of Light, where more than a million Lego pieces will be on show in an array of remarkable structures created by one of the world’s leading Lego brick artists Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught.

The exhibition is based on the Australian’s book The Bricktionary: The Ultimate A-Z of Lego.

“I am so excited to open Bricktionary to Ireland, after it makes the journey from (literally) the other side of the world,” McNaught said.

“This exhibition is all about using Lego bricks to inspire and celebrate the power of imagination,” he explained.

The Lego Brictionary exhibition opens in Dublin next month

Designed to inspire Lego fans of all ages, the exhibition will feature over 150 models from McNaught’s book and from the television series Lego Masters Australia, which is currently airing on Channel 4.

Six interactive build zones also feature in the exhibit.

“With over 150 models to inspire you, millions of Lego bricks to build and play with, interactive build zones, including an Earthquake challenge and mystery mosaic, where guests get to help create enormous Lego murals, I can’t wait to see what Dubliners will create,” McNaught said.

In total it has taken McNaught and his team more than 6,500 hours to build the complete exhibition by hand.

Dan Gleeson, co-owner of Dublin’s Theatre of Light in the Point Village, which will host the exhibition from March 10, said the venue is “excited” to welcome the new exhibition.

“We are excited to welcome the Brickman team to Ireland, and for Ireland to be the European debut of this colourful and fun exhibition that has been so loved across the globe,” he said.

“Lego inspires creativity in both kids and big kids at heart,” he added.

“We know from the previous overseas runs that yes, families with kids are the main target market for this attraction, but there is also a huge amount of Lego interest among adults.”

Bricktionary: The Interactive Exhibition will open at Dublin’s Theatre of Light on Monday, March 10.