Taxi company in Ireland offering free rides to any vulnerable people travelling to get Covid-19 vaccination

Taxi company in Ireland offering free rides to any vulnerable people travelling to get Covid-19 vaccination

A TAXI COMPANY is offering free transport to any vulnerable people getting their coronavirus vaccination.

Free Now taxi company has committed €250,000 to the cause, which will provide anyone in need lifts to vaccination centres across Ireland.

Passengers will be able to claim back €20 over a maximum of two trips to or from an official vaccination centre.

The service was officially rolled out on Monday.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Niall Carson, General Manager for Free Now Ireland said the company will be reviewing the offer in a month's time but are aiming to provide support for as many people as their funds will allow.

They've generously put aside a quarter of their €1million European investment to help the national effort to roll out the vaccine to the most vulnerable groups.

"This is our way of supporting the national effort to help the most vulnerable people get vaccinated," Mr Carson said.

"It is so important that the most vulnerable people in Ireland are able to get vaccinated as soon as possible and part of this is ensuring they get to the vaccine centres quickly and safely.

"Throughout the pandemic we have been looking at ways to help keep the country moving for those that need to travel.

Credit: Free now

"Taxi drivers have been supporting this, from transporting healthcare and key workers, to delivering supplies to people at home, this is an extension of that.

"The sooner we can protect the vulnerable and have widespread roll out of the vaccine, the sooner we can all look ahead to Ireland’s recovery and a brighter future."

How to avail

To avail of the support, people should order their journey by credit or debit card via the Free Now app.

From there, you can set the destination, ensuring the pick-up or drop-off is an official vaccination centre.

Finally, go to Help Centre and select Vaccination trip reimbursement from the drop-down menu and submit to Free Now's customer care team.

Those availing of this service will need to attach screenshots or photographs of the following to the Help Centre request: Email receipt of the Free Now journey, sent via email to the account holder.

Additionally, the confirmation of the vaccination appointment, a copy of the invitation letter, an appointment confirmation, your immunisation record, or any other official medical document showing your vaccination status that corresponds to your taxi trip date.

Passengers can submit receipts for a maximum of two trips up to a total value of €20, maximum €10 per trip.