Vaccines are 80% effective, claims Dr Tony Holohan

Vaccines are 80% effective, claims Dr Tony Holohan

DR TONY HOLOHAN says the Covid-19 vaccine doesn't completely protect you from the virus and that it's only "about 80% effective" at preventing symptoms.

Ireland's Chief Medical Officer was speaking following news that one in five of the country's current coronavirus cases have been identified in fully vaccinated individuals.

He stressed that while they're not 100% effective, vaccines do work and it's important that people continue to get protection however they can.

"[The vaccines] are about 80% effective at preventing symptomatic Covid-19 disease and they provide approximately 95% protection against hospitalisation," the CMO said.

Earlier this week, Holohan's deputy Dr Ronan Glynn compared taking the vaccine to wearing a seat belt in a car.

"A good way to think about this is in relation to road safety - the majority of people who die on our roads are wearing a safety belts. This does not mean that safety belts don't work," he said.

Ireland has a significantly high uptake of the vaccine, compared to other European nations, and Dr Holohan insists that this has prevented thousands of people from getting infected.

"This protection agains severe disease holds up even in the context of the Delta variant. Ireland's vaccination programme is currently preventing at least 2,700 cases per week per million population.

"The Covid-19 vaccination programme has shown not only the best scientific and medical endeavour, but also commendable solidarity by this who have come forward to receive a vaccine for the good of themselves and their wider community.

"While uptake has been fantastic, there are some who have not yet taken the opportunity to get protected through vaccination."