Video: Irish boy's reaction to getting a puppy is absolutely adorable

Video: Irish boy's reaction to getting a puppy is absolutely adorable

AN Irish boy with dyslexia was given a puppy by his mother because he was working hard at school and his reaction says more than words ever could.

Hazel Robinson posted the video to Facebook of her son Tyler gradually finding out that he’d been given a puppy.

Tyler is initially confused because he opens a present which contains a dog-bowl, a lead, some dog-toys and some poop bags - the sight of which hilariously sends him out of the room, crying.

Once his mother brings him back in he opens a card that introduces him to his new dog ‘Tails’, and the smile on his face slowly begins to widen.

His reaction when he begins to hear the puppy is magical, and he frantically searches for whatever is making the noise.

He then finds Tails in a box under the table and is absolutely ecstatic.

"So my boy Tyler has been having a little bit of a hard time in school," Hazel wrote on Facebook.

"He’s had an assessment and is awaiting on a few more. He is having trouble socializing, severe dyslexia, along with a few other issues we are working on to get a little bit of extra help.

"I couldn’t ask for a better school as Newtownforbes in our home of Co. Longford. They have been exceptional since he started.

"We have started from scratch again and are trying to learn the alphabet. He has nearly mastered it now.

"I thought he deserved a treat as he’s been trying so hard.. So here’s Tails the newest member of our house 😊".

The lovely news we needed today!