Clucking hell! Disturbing video surfaces of raw ‘zombie’ chicken breast ‘crawling’ off table

Clucking hell! Disturbing video surfaces of raw ‘zombie’ chicken breast ‘crawling’ off table

A DISTURBING viral video is giving a whole new meaning to old saying about “running around like a headless chicken”.

The clip, which has been doing the rounds on Facebook, purports to show a raw slab of the white meat inexplicably “coming back to life”.

In the footage, a slimy section of chicken can be seen wriggling around before, rather incredibly, appearing to launch itself off the table.

While chickens have been known to continue moving around after having their heads chopped off by farmers, this goes a little further than that.

The video footage, posted on Facebook by Rie Phillips, has left the watching world absolutely baffled – not to mention a little queasy.

If you or someone you know was on the fence about becoming a vegan before, this could be enough to tip the scales in favour of a life of greens.

Headless chickens are able to move around on account of the fact a chicken’s reflex movements are controlled by the brain stem in the neck, rather than the brain itself.

But, as the clip demonstrates, this slab of chicken is decidedly spineless.

Shocking and bizarre in equal measure, the internet appears divided on whether the clip is, in fact, a hoax, or the result of random nerve signals being fired off in the flesh.

“Probably have a string tied on it,” one commentator claimed.

“I’m so disturbed by this video aguyyyyy I won’t ever eat,” another countered.

A third simply said what most were thinking: "Oh my God".

In any case, it’s likely to put you off going near raw chicken again.

Always ensure you cook any and all meats thoroughly before consumption.

Except for steaks, of course.