‘What a country’ – Conor McGregor pays tribute to US fans after being mobbed at restaurant

‘What a country’ – Conor McGregor pays tribute to US fans after being mobbed at restaurant

CONOR MCGREGOR has expressed his thanks to the fans who gathered outside a restaurant in California to get a glimpse of the Irishman.

The Notorious in the US preparing for his UFC 264 showdown with Dustin Poirier in what is being billed as the third decisive fight in a trilogy of bouts between the pair.

McGregor has been busy with training for the showpiece bout at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas but took a well-earned break to enjoy a quiet meal with his team.

It wasn’t long before fans got wind of his presence at the plush eatery, prompting an influx of fans who descended on the restaurant to get a glimpse of the UFC icon.

McGregor did not disappoint, heading outside at the end of the meal to express his gratitude for their continued support.

In a video shared to his Instagram account, the Irishman showcased the wild scenes that greeted his exit from the restaurant.

"Jesus Christ, look at this," McGregor can be heard saying in the clip before he begins jokingly shadowboxing with those in attendance.

Several police officers can be seen holding his supporters back in the clip while McGregor makes his way to a nearby white convertible.

At one point, it looks like he may be staying a bit longer than planned due to the sheer volume of people in his way.

"I think I'm stuck,” he declares.

McGregor is on his way soon enough though, even if several fans end up chasing his car down the road before eventually giving up the ghost.

Reflecting on the chaotic encounter, long-time coach John Kavanagh, shared similar footage on social media, where he commented on how a "quiet end-of-camp team meal... Turns into streets shut down when word got around. Nuts haha."

McGregor has been busy with Kavanagh and several other top coaches preparing for his big showdown with Poirier.

That has meant taking part in an intensive training camping in California with teammates James Gallagher.

His new regime includes a 20-mile round trip bike ride to his local gym for single sessions.

"Training is going good," he told one fans. "There are just about three more days of work and then I'll just taper it in, although I've been doing single sessions the last week or so.

"I've halved the work I'm doing the last week or so, I suppose the body is getting ready now but I'm still sparring, grappling heavy, doing tough training.

"I suppose the cycle in has been almost like a second session as well, I've almost been getting three sessions a day to be honest.

"I've been waking up cycling to the gym, getting my training in, then going home from the gym, that's essentially three sessions a day I've been doing."

Defeat Poirier, who is no3 in the lightweight division, and McGregor could earn a title shot against the current belt holder Charles Oliveira.