Woman sparks fury online after sharing picture of her ‘Classic Pasta And Gravy’ dinner

Woman sparks fury online after sharing picture of her ‘Classic Pasta And Gravy’ dinner

A CULINARY creation combing classic Italian cuisine with a traditional English favourite has sparked widespread debate and derision online.

It all started when a picture was uploaded to the Facebook group Rate my Plate.

An online forum for foodies far and wide, it’s a form where people submit pictures of the food they make for other members to critique.

These creations can vary from Saturday morning fry-ups and Sunday roasts through to some strange and unusual fare.

However, few submissions have proved quite as controversial as the one posted by the user Kristi D this week: “classic pasta and gravy”.

Or, at least, that’s how she describes it.

The picture has sparked a major debate around the politics of pasta.

Some see it as sacrilege, others as innovative comfort food.

"Pasta and gravy is something unbelievably disgusting. I am Italian and my eyes are bleeding,” one wrote.

Another said: “"I just heard, you've got a lifetime ban from Italy."

"I'm going to sit quietly in a corner and try to forget I ever saw this,” a third said.

Despite the derision, there were plenty in favour of the combo though.

"Yes! I love pasta and gravy when I tell others about this they turn their nose up....until they try it",” a supporter said.

Another concurred: "To be fair pasta and gravy is really nice... I usually add veg and chicken with it though ....not just pasta and gravy ..."

A few even suggested pushing the boat out: "Pasta gravy AND CHEESE is one of my faves!".

Others took a more sarcastic tone.

"That's definitely a classic Kristi...” a fellow commenter said.

“...a classic example of s**t on a plate."

Useful for anyone ever in need of a classic example of s**t on a plate.