Woman discovers 'entire chicken head' in her takeaway curry

Woman discovers 'entire chicken head' in her takeaway curry

A WOMAN suffered the worst kind of surprise after tucking into a takeaway curry only to find an entire chicken’s head buried within her food.

Nicole Rae’s experience gives a whole new meaning to the phrase about biting off more than you can chew and could be enough to put you off takeaways for life. Well, nearly.

Taking to Facebook, Rae regaled her follows with pictures of her horrific discovery.

The fowl’s head was found hidden within the curry’s sauce and came complete with a beak and, most disturbingly of all, eyes.


Rae’s only real saving grace was that she realised, almost immediately, what was staring back at her didn’t end up attempting to devour the head.

Keen to spread the word about her gruesome discovery and warn fellow takeaway fans, she posted several pictures of the disturbing discovery alongside a short message.

“Just a warning if you're ordering from Tandoori Mahal in Cambi, you might get a chicken's head,” she said.

The images certainly make for grim viewing and could have a few takeaway lovers out there thinking twice before launching straight into their next delivery.

Alternatively, it could be enough to ruin your appetite altogether.