WATCH: President of Ireland's puppy interrupts TV interview to demand attention
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WATCH: President of Ireland's puppy interrupts TV interview to demand attention

MICHAEL D Higgins's new puppy is learning the ropes quickly, and has followed in his brother's footsteps to interrupt a presidential speech to demand attention.

Bernese Mountain puppy Misneach is just a few months old, having been adopted by President Higgins and his wife, Sabina, in March following the death of his beloved dog, Síoda.

But the pup has grown quickly, and has obviously learned a lot from President Higgins's other dog, Bród-- who once went viral for interrupting an official presidential event to demand belly rubs, and even stole the spotlight when British Royals William and Kate visited.

Now Misneach has gone viral for similar reasons-- after the puppy  interrupted a TV interview with RTÉ News to look for attention, pushing his nose into the president's hand, sniffing his coat and playfully nibbling at him.

President Higgins, well-used to his dogs' tricks, continued on as though nothing was happening, using the RTÉ interview to pay tribute Irish actor Tom Hickey-- but later shared the 'behind the scenes' video of the cheeky, adorable pup.

Posting the clip across President Higgins'official social media accounts, including on Facebook and TikTok, the video has captured the hearts of thousands across Ireland and beyond.

"This is just the most beautiful clip," One woman, Clare Fennessy, wrote on Facebook. "It really made my day. Where else would you see a country's President giving an interview while playing with his dog. I love this man!"

Brilliant, I love his patience," Irene Donoghue wrote. "You can see he is the dog's master and doesn't just have a staff member looking after them."

"The treats must be in your pocket!" another joked.