Andy Cole has said Roy Keane makes him laugh

Andy Cole has said Roy Keane makes him laugh

ANDY COLE has said that his former teammate Roy Keane makes him laugh and also went on to defend the Corkman's no nonsense punditry style. 

Cole played alongside Keane for many years. Keane is well known for his sharp tongue and brutal honesty when it comes to players. Last week Keane went after England player Harry Maguire for celebrating against Albania. Keane said"

"When a player scores puts his hands to his ears he's like shutting the critics up, but I think that's embarrassing, he's been a disgrace to Man United. He thinks if he scores there he'll shut his critics up, embarrassing," he said during ITV's coverage of the World Cup qualifying clash.

The former treble winner told Sky Sports News that he does find Keane's rants funny,

“That’s ‘the skip’ for you,” the ex-England striker said, referring to his former captain.

“He’s very honest. He makes me laugh. I get on very well with him. But when you play with someone like that, you know what he’s talking about and what he wants from you. It’s that simple. With Roy he’s black and white. Roy wants to win.”

Cole also said that he backed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has come under fire for recent performancess to Liverpool and Manchester City. He agrees with Keane on a lot of things, but doesn't feel the Norwegian deserves the criticism,

“I don’t think any manager should take that kind of flak; whether it’s United or non-league,” the five-time Premier League winner states.

“I think they are trying to work to the best of their ability. He’s trying like everybody else who tried previously.

“Whether he is my ex-team-mate or not, even if it was someone I didn’t know, I wouldn’t like people to talk about them like that. But I don’t like it because when I played with him I got on very well with him. To see him in this position now doesn’t sit well with me.”

United play Watford away this weekend, which could be the final nail in Solskjaer's United career if they don't win