Brentford's Thomas Frank wants weekend Premier League matches off due to Covid crisis

Brentford's Thomas Frank wants weekend Premier League matches off due to Covid crisis

THOMAS FRANK, the Brentford manager has asked for all Premier League matches to be postponed this weekend due to the Covid-19 outbreak

The Burnley and Watford fixture was postponed two hours before the sides were meant to meet at Turfmore last night. The day before Manchester United vs Brentford was also abandonded.

Frank believes that now is the time to “break the chain” as the Bees deal with their own Covid crisis, The Danish coach said:

“We think that we should postpone the full round of Premier League games this weekend coming up,”

“The Covid cases are going through the roof in all of the Premier League clubs. Everyone is dealing with it, everyone has a problem at this moment in time.

“To postpone this round and also the Carabao Cup round would give everyone a week at least to clean and do everything on the training ground so you break the chain at every club.

“Also, in football, you need to have close contacts. Physios need to do their job and players need treatment. We’re in a dressing room on a matchday, we’re traveling by coaches. It’s a little bit more difficult to work from home.”

Southampton welcome Brentford to the southcoast on Saturday before Brentford host Chelsea in the Carabao Cup quarter-final on Wednesday night.

Other clubs like Leicester City have tried to get their match against Spurs called off, but the Premier League waved the plea away. The Foxes have no fit CB's for tonight's game

Rodgers spoke about the incident and said they were unsuccesful;

“Unfortunately for us we weren’t granted any dispensation which is disappointing,” the Antrim man said.

“We’re a team and a club that have always wanted to support all the measures, but maybe when you need a little bit of support with the extreme situation we were in, we weren’t able to get that.”

As well as that, Brighton failed to get Wednesday’s game against Wolverhampton Wanderers postponed. Graham Potter said

“All you can do is put your case forward, speak to people and they make the decision,” after his club

Man United v Brighton on Saturday is reportedly already under threat, while Leicester are due to face Everton just three days after playing Spurs on Thursday.

Seven Premier League clubs are due to be in Carabao Cup action next week, namely Brentford, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester, Spurs, West Ham United and Arsenal, with League One outfit Sunderland rounding off the last eight of the competition.