McManus to donate €1m to Gaelic games in each county

McManus to donate €1m to Gaelic games in each county

It has been reported that Irish businessman JP McManus is allegedly set to donate €1 million to Gaelic games in every county in Ireland. The fee is to be distributed equally among the GAA, LGFA, and Camogie organisations in Ireland.

McManus, the current sponsor of Limerick GAA, who have won a record four-in-a-row All-Ireland Hurling titles, is one of Ireland's wealthiest men and has donated tens of millions of euros to the game over the years.

This new donation comes five years after McManus donated €100,000 to each GAA county board, resulting in a financial commitment of €3.2 million. The donation is set to come from the "JP McManus Charitable Foundation.” The only county to announce the news is McManus' native county, Limerick.

“Limerick GAA is delighted to announce that they have received a €1,000,000 donation from JP and Noreen McManus and family to distribute evenly to the GAA, camogie, and ladies football clubs within the county,” the statement said.

“The funds, which will be distributed before Christmas, will greatly help clubs as they prepare their plans for the 2024 season."

Limerick GAA Chairperson Seamus McNamara said, “We are delighted with the news today from JP, Noreen McManus, and family and their exceptionally generous donation."

“The clubs are the bedrock of the GAA, and this will help in a time when costs are increasing for clubs to manage their funds. We are exceptionally grateful to JP, Noreen, and all the McManus family for this fantastic donation,” he said.

However, the news has not gone down well with every member of the public. Some feel that McManus' donation could be more beneficial for other services in the country.

"A man whose wealth totals over one thousand million decides to donate thirty-two of those millions to GAA. That's like someone whose wealth is only €10,000 donating €320. Or, like, six quid a week in their local GAA lotto draw. He should just end his tax exile status and pay his dues in Ireland. We'd all be so much better off then," said one user on X.

"Any chance of €500K Jp, or better still, help the 13,000+ Irish homeless and families living in one-room hotels, kids embarrassed to go to school because they have no permanent home," said another social media user.

While others have praised the gesture, "JP McManus gives a €1 million donation to each county board. Just to put it in perspective, that's more than Tipperary GAA's entire commercial earnings for last year. The GAA owes JP a big, big thank you."