Irish contestant first to be fired on The Apprentice on BBC

Irish contestant first to be fired on The Apprentice on BBC

AN IRISH contestant on The Apprentice has become the first to be fired by Alan Sugar on the 17th season of the show.

Emma Browne, a senior account executive, found herself on the losing team after the candidates jetted off to the Caribbean following the lifting of all Covid-19 restrictions.

The 18 candidates were split into two teams, men and women, and challenged to create and sell excursions to tourists in Antigua.

“I brought a lot of energy to the girls’ team, which I think was seen as well and highlighted.

“I am a very positive person, and I remained positive throughout.”

Browne also said there were “clashes” on the show but “no hard feelings”.

She added: “I’m not going to be a sore loser. I put myself forward and someone had to go. I’m not painful about it.

“I spent so much time doing a business plan that I probably wouldn’t have spent as much time doing if it wasn’t for The Apprentice.”

Asked who she most admired out of the advisers on the show, Browne said Sugar “even though he fired me”.

She added: “If he had been there during the task, his opinion could have been completely different, but I suppose that he’s made his decision from other people’s judgments.”

The remaining candidates are fighting to win a life-changing investment of £250,000 (€280,000) from Sugar, including another Irish candidate Kevin D'Arcy.

Browne said she would like to see Dani Donovan, the owner of a hair salon in Hertfordshire, or Megan Hornby, the owner of a sweet shop and cafe from East Yorkshire, take home the prize.

“They were very nice girls who I got on with really well,” she said.

“But not just because we got on well – I think, from what I’ve seen, they would be deserving.”

Browne said she hopes to have her “business up and running by next year” and is looking for investment.

The Apprentice airs Thursdays on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.