Adorable terrier found travelling solo on Kildare train to Dublin

Adorable terrier found travelling solo on Kildare train to Dublin

ALL DOGS go to… Heuston apparently.

In what seems to be turning into a weird yet adorable trend, another dog was found travelling alone on a train to Dublin yesterday, 29 July.

He is the third pup to be found taking a solo trip by rail in recent months.

The unnamed terrier was initially believed to have boarded the train at Newbridge, and was cared for by staff at Heuston, Dublin’s central station, upon his arrival in the capital.

Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail) posted a photo of the puppy-eyed cutie with the caption:
"Another lost dog on the Kildare line!!"


Now rail staff believe the adorable black-and-brown madra may have been found wandering around on the tracks in Kildare.

Either way, he succeeded in getting to Dublin for his holidays.

Iarnród Éireann made an appeal to find his owners on Twitter, causing the country to fondly remember the first solo-travelling canine to capture the nation’s hearts.

In April, a dog who the rail network named Hamish was found alone on a train to Dublin. After a campaign to find his family went viral, several different people came forward trying to claim him. Eventually he was returned to his rightful owner, who revealed that his name wasn’t Hamish but Tyson. Close enough.


Hopefully there is a similar happy ending for this little terrier, who is currently being looked after by Dublin-based My Lovely Horse Rescue.

Irish dogs are getting smarter lads. We wonder how long it will take for one of them to show up with sunglasses in Majorca.