Dublin barman spills not one but TWO trays of beer in hilarious viral footage
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Dublin barman spills not one but TWO trays of beer in hilarious viral footage

A HAPLESS Irish barman has gone viral after footage of him spilling two trays of beer in hilarious circumstances were posted online.

Carrying a tray loaded with pints of beer filled to the brim is no easy task.

Spills and drips can happen, but few could have predicted how wrong it would go for one member of staff at The Old Storehouse in Dublin.

The waiter, named only as Ciaran in the videos posted to the bar’s Facebook page, was evidently rushed off his feet.

Even so, he probably should have taken his time with the first tray.


Walking over to the seated patrons with a tray carrying four pints, the beers look unstable from the off and it isn’t long before they went flying.

Ciaran’s face is an absolute picture in the footage, with drinkers seated nearby indulging in a customary shout of “whey!” as the drinks spill.

There’s a degree of sympathy when it comes to the second tray though.

Loaded up with eight heavy pints of beer, Ciaran manages to get as far as the customer’s table before things unravel in sensational form.

Desperately torn between trying to keep hold of the tray while preventing more pints from going over, he manages to save one of the eight from toppling over but can do little to prevent the rest, despite the intervention of some nearby drinkers.


Reportedly coming during Saturday’s Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool, viewers are left to assume Ciaran was a fan of one of the two clubs and that nerves had set in.

In any case, no harm was done. Let’s just hope he had a drink or two to settle those shaking hands after.