Ireland heatwave: Country to sizzle under 27° sun as days-long heatwave hits this weekend
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Ireland heatwave: Country to sizzle under 27° sun as days-long heatwave hits this weekend

THE IRISH weather gets a bad reputation, but when it is good, it is great.

The entire country is set to bask in temperatures of up to 27° this weekend, with the warm weather set to last for several days, Met Eireann reports.

The meteorological service have reported the happy news that the Azores High will push some beautiful hot and sunny weather over the Emerald Isle, with every county set to enjoy blue skies and sizzling temperatures.

And the best news is the fantastic weather is set to last for almost a week at least, with forecasts showing 26° in multiple counties next Thursday.

According to Met Eireann, the southeast will experience dry and sunny temperatures today after a cloudy start to the morning, with the heat beginning to spread north until all 32 counties on the island are basking in temperatures between 20 - 25 degrees, highest in the midlands and cooler on the coast, where thousands are expected to flood to the beach.

Saturday will bring sweltering temperatures of up to 27 degrees in the midlands, with multiple counties reaching 26 degrees-- but no counties will be cooler than 20 degrees.

Similar temperatures will be seen on Sunday, with the south and south-west experiencing bright blue skies and temperatures between 25 and 27 degrees-- the north-west will be coolest, but at 19 degrees, it is plenty enough to soak up the sun in a park or beach.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are guaranteed to be sunny and warm, with top temperatures continuing to reach 26 degrees, and while there is a possibility of a change to showery conditions from Thursday, this has not been confirmed.

In fact, regional forecasts for Thursday for multiple counties including Limerick, Clare, Dublin and Donegal suggest temperatures between 23 to 25 degrees-- so the heatwave could easily go on for longer.

Get those deckchairs out!