New dog-friendly café offers 'pawsome' free treats for four-legged customers
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New dog-friendly café offers 'pawsome' free treats for four-legged customers

A NEW pet-friendly café recently opened in Dublin has proved immensely popular among humans and animals alike.

B&C Coffee opened its doors for the first time less than one week ago, and looks set to become a staple in the town of Crumlin in no time.

The café, which serves a wide range of hot drinks and delicious homemade treats, has set itself apart from other restaurants and cafés in the surrounding areas by welcoming customers' four-legged friends into their business.


Unlike other European countries, dogs are generally not welcome in places like shops, cafés or restaurants-- although a few rural pubs tend to turn a blind eye if the pup is well-behaved and drinks its pint quietly.

But with so many of us having worked from home for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and our dogs becoming even more attached to us than ever, a lot of people might feel bad for leaving their pet at home for long periods of time while they go out to socialise.

So, to encourage even more pet-owners to go on a doggy-date at their new store, B&C Coffee have started handing out paw-some free treats to every four-legged friend who ventures in.

The new café allows pet owners to bring their four-legged friends with them while they grab a coffee or food with friends (Stock image / Getty)

Taking to Instagram, B&C shared a photo of the adorable snacks alongside the caption:

"With so many customers having their dogs with them at our shop we’ve decided it’s not very fair on the lovely animals leaving without anything delicious so we will have free doggie treats for our beloved dogs who have to wait in line".


"It’s only fair they enjoy coming to our shop also!".

The idea has proved a hit with locals, with one woman responding to a post on Facebook by saying "I'll defo be stopping for a coffee now that dog's are welcome... I pass every day walking my dog".

So if you're near Crumlin and feel like trying out this new pet-friendly café, there's no time like the present-- today is International Coffee Day, after all!

You can find B&C Coffee on Saint Agnes Road, Crumlin D12.