111-year-old retired farmer claims secret to long life is steady diet of ‘chicken brains’

111-year-old retired farmer claims secret to long life is steady diet of ‘chicken brains’

A 111-YEAR-OLD man has revealed the little-known secret behind his longevity: chicken brains.

Former cattle rancher Dexter Kruger has just made history by becoming Australia’s oldest-ever man at the ripe old age of 111 years and 124 days.

The record was previously held by First World War veteran Jack Lockett who was 111 years and 123 days old when he passed away in 2002.

Currently residing in a nursing home over in the quiet rural town of Roma in Queensland, Kruger was quizzed by a reporter from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about the secret behind his long life.

His answer was a surprising one.

“Chicken brains,” he said, elaborating further: “You know, chickens have a head. And in there, there’s a brain. And they are delicious little things.”

“There’s only one little bite,” he added.

Like all good things, Kruger enjoys his chicken brains in moderation, eating his favourite poultry delicacy just once a week as part of a balanced diet.

But while he appears keen to credit chicken brains for his long life, Kruger’s 74-year-old son Greg puts it down to his dad’s active lifestyle in the Australian outback.

The chicken brains certainly appear to be doing something with nursing home manager Melanie Calvert telling the Australian Broadcasting Corp that Kruger has an “amazing” memory considering his age.

While Kruger is officially Australia’s oldest ever man, he still has some way to go to become Australia’s oldest ever verified person.

That honour goes to Christina Cook, who was 114 years and 148 days when she died in 2002.

Spain's Saturnino de la Fuente Garcia is the oldest verified living man in the world at 112 years and 98 days while the oldest living woman is Kane Tanaka of Japan, who is currently aged 118 years and 135 days.

Kruger's advice regarding regular chicken head consumption serves as a stark contrast to the tips offered up by some of Ireland’s oldest people with everything from hot toddies to full Irish breakfasts recommended in the past.