Elderly woman 'pecked to death' by pet rooster

Elderly woman 'pecked to death' by pet rooster

AN ELDERLY woman died after being pecked to death by her pet rooster.

The strange circumstances surrounding the 76-year-old Australian woman’s death were details as part of a case study featured in the August edition of international journal Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology.

According to the forensics expert behind the study, the woman bled to death after being attacked while collecting eggs on her rural property in Southern Australia.

It’s a story that could serve as something of a wake-up call to anyone with a rooster – no pun intended – or farm animal of any kind.

An autopsy conducted by Adelaide University forensics expert Professor Roger Byard found the woman died in unusual circumstances after the bird pecked just twice at her lower left leg.

However, it was later discovered that the attack had actually caused the woman to haemorrhage, collapse and eventually die.

Professor Byard, who co-authored the study with Judith Fronczek, noted that just two small lacerations were found on the woman’s body.

Crucially, however, medical records confirmed the woman had a history of medical issues including hypertension, diabetes and varicose veins.

Commenting on the findings, Professor Byard said that her sudden demise should serve as a warning to anyone tending animals who may suffer from vascular issues.

"This case demonstrates that even relatively small domestic animals may be able to inflict lethal injuries in individuals if there are specific vascular vulnerabilities," the article concluded.