70% of Irish people don't trust Government to tell the truth, study shows

70% of Irish people don't trust Government to tell the truth, study shows

A NEW STUDY shows that just 31% of Irish people trust Government Ministers to tell the truth.

Market research company Ipsos MRBI carried out a study measuring how much the country trusts certain people, groups and institutions.

The data showed that 69% of us don't trust Government Ministers while a whopping 76% don't trust politicians in general.

Pharmacists remain the most trusted individuals in the country at 96%, followed by doctors (95%) and nurses (94%).

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) maintained a high trustworthiness score at 87%, though this figure has dropped slightly in the last year.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland on Tuesday morning, Tarik Laher, director of Ipsos MRBI, explained that younger people are more likely to trust NPHET.

"We added NPHET to the survey last year," he said.

"They were up at 91% last year. They have fallen just four points, so a marginal drop to 87% but still very high on the list.

"I guess being the face of restrictions, if you like, and delivering the message around restrictions. 11% do not trust NPHET to tell the truth but seven in eight of us do.

"Actually higher again amongst our youngest cohorts. [Among] 15 to 24-year-old, 95% of them trust NPHET. So a very high score.

"Government Ministers, 31% of us trust them to tell the truth, and politicians, 24% of us trust them to tell the truth.

"They're two of the largest drops that we have seen this year."

Elswhere, trust in our fellow citizens is on the rise and has increased from 54% to 58% in the last year.