70% of Irish people say they will go on holiday immediately after getting Covid-19 vaccine

70% of Irish people say they will go on holiday immediately after getting Covid-19 vaccine

THE majority of Irish people are looking to travel abroad as soon as they've been vaccinated against Covid-19, a new study has shown.

Research carried out by insurance group Allianz Partners shows that 69% of people in Ireland will be jetting overseas immediately after they've been inoculated.

Almost half (47%) say they plan to take a holiday at least at some point this summer, while just 23% say they'll wait until next year before booking one.

More than half of respondents say they're planning to jet abroad once lockdown is over while 35% say they're planning a staycation in Ireland.

Meanwhile, 31% of people say they'll wait at least three months after lockdown is lifted before travelling.

In 2020, over a third of the population didn't holiday at all due to the pandemic, while 62% enjoyed staycations.

40% of respondents say that a flexible 'change and cancellation' policy would motivate them to travel again.

Managing director at Allianz Partners Roland Hesse said that the vaccines will almost certainly encourage people to start taking holidays again.

"Although it is uncertain as to when we'll all be vaccinated and ready to take flight and depart, it seems like Irish people are inspired by the Covid-19 vaccine to seize the occasion of exploring the world of travel again," he said.

"While many consumers are staying vigilant towards the risks and are attentive of the advice of the government, it is also clear that most Irish people will certainly grab the chance to escape the country and get their travel plans back on track once they have received the vaccine."

On Thursday, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said that four in five adults will have been offered at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by the end of June, offering would-be holidaymakers hope that they'll be able to take trip abroad this summer after all, in spite of Ireland's relatively slow vaccine roll-out so far.