87 million pints of beer will be thrown away due to pub closures during lockdown

87 million pints of beer will be thrown away due to pub closures during lockdown

IT'S NOT fair. We should be drinking that. Curse you Covid. Curse you.

Up to 87 million pints of beer will have be thrown away as a result of pubs staying closed throughout lockdown in the UK, an industry body has calculated.

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) worked out that the wastage was equivalent to roughly £331 million (€378 million) in sales.

They described the statistic, quite accurately, as "heartbreaking".

For context, 87 million pints of beer would fill 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools, 33 million kettles, 495,000 baths and 72,500 jacuzzis.

If fact, if you stood under the shower for 20 years and 6 months, you'd have only used up 86 million pints.

That's how much has been wasted, guys!

The hospitality sector has taken possibly the biggest hit of all during the pandemic, with pubs in particularly taking the brunt of the ramifications of restrictive public health regulations.

Beer has a shelf-life, and pasteurised beer, such as lager, has to be sold before its sell-by date - which tends to be around three to four months after delivery.

Real ale on the other hand only lasts for a few weeks on average, with some needing to be used in a matter of days.

Most pubs, particularly in Ireland and the UK have been forced to remain shut for almost the entirety of the pandemic.

Those unable to serve food have been especially affected, and after a quiet summer period, and a virtually non-existent Christmas period, many pubs are now trying desperately to keep their heads above water, as we enter the 12th month of closures.