Alexander Pacteau "enjoyed the game" when quizzed on Karen Buckley murder

Alexander Pacteau "enjoyed the game" when quizzed on Karen Buckley murder

KAREN Buckley’s killer Alexander Pacteau “enjoyed the game” when being quizzed by Scottish police.

The 21-year-old was jailed for at least 23 years on Tuesday after admitting to bludgeoning 24-year-old Cork student Karen to death in Glasgow on April 12.

Speaking to RTÉ, Detective Superintendent Jim Kerr, who led the investigation into Karen’s disappearance and murder, said: “He’s a well-educated individual. He was intelligent and measured in his response to us from the word go. He enjoyed the game if you like, in my opinion.

“He was a witness, he was being interviewed and he gave an account of himself,” he added.

“He didn’t tell us where Karen Buckley was. Although he could have.”

The detective’s comments come as it was revealed Police Scotland widened their search for women who may have been stalked by Pacteau.

The Irish Independent reports that the Police Scotland search for information went beyond Glasgow to cities like Edinburgh and Dundee, where they believed Pacteau may have operated.

Almost 2,000 hours of CCTV footage was examined and detectives found that Pacteau may have stalked another women in Glasgow.

Pacteau had already had a run-in with the police when he was acquitted of a sexual assault which took place in 2013.

He told the prosecutors in his defence that he was gay - but The Irish Independent reports that he was "infatuated" with pretty young women.

It was also revealed that police immediately feared for Ms Buckley’s safety when Pacteau was identified as the young man she was speaking to outside of The Sanctuary nightclub at 1am on April 12, shortly before she went missing.

Ms Buckley's friends grew concerned when she did not reappear and raised the alarm in the early hours of the morning. A massive search was launched before her body was discovered on High Craigton farm six miles north of Glasgow four days later.

It has since emerged that Pacteau drove Ms Buckley to nearby Kelvin Way where he parked for 12 minutes.

In this time, he killed her by strangling her and beating her with a spanner up to 13 times.

He spent the following few days covering his tracks by disposing of his blood-stained mattress and soaking Ms Buckley’s body in caustic acid.

Chief Inspector Allan Burton, who joined Det Supt Kerr in the interview with RTÉ said: “We found him in the bedroom. He had his iPhone on with the torch on and he was cleaning the floor.”

When sentencing him to life in prison on Tuesday, Judge Lady Rae said: “Not satisfied with killing her so brutally, you went to extraordinary lengths over several days to cover up your actions by attempting to destroy her body. You also concocted a story to tell the police and, to ensure that you remembered the lies which you had told, you even wrote the story down.”

Both police officers admitted Pacteau did not appear “distressed or nervous” when asked about the meticulous cleaning and had an answer for every question.

Pacteau was taken away after his sentencing on Tuesday and has 13 days left to appeal for leniency his 23-year sentence.