Boy, 6, with Spina Bifida inspired by Cpt. Tom Moore raising money for NHS with walking challenge

Boy, 6, with Spina Bifida inspired by Cpt. Tom Moore raising money for NHS with walking challenge

A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy with Spina Bifida is raising money for the NHS by walking ten metres a day on his walker after taking inspiration from war hero Captain Tom Moore.

Frank Mills, from Bristol in the UK, was inspired after seeing elderly war veteran Captain Tom Moore raise over £20 million for NHS charities by undertaking a walking challenge in his garden-- and now the little one is doing the same.

The brave little boy will walk ten metres a day with the help of his walker to help raise funds for Britain's essential National Health Service-- an incredible feat considering the youngster only started walking 18 months ago.

Frank says he was inspired to help the NHS charities because he is "hugely grateful to the NHS for all that they have done, and do for me, my family and our nation, adding "I have spina bifida so walking is not that easy for me."

The fundraiser, set up on JustGiving just a few days ago, had an initial goal of £99, with Frank saying "I want to raise £99 because Captain Tom Moore is 99!" but in a display of unity and solidarity, people supporting Frank have donated an incredible £76,533 pounds at the time of writing-- That is 77,306% MORE than what Frank had originally set out to achieve!

The generosity of donations has inspired Frank to continue his walking challenge, and he says he will try and walk ten metres every day from now on to continue to support the health service's charities.

Frank was inspired by Captain Tom Moore, who raised over £20 million for NHS charities (

Frank's parents spoke to ITV News and his father Tony thanked Captain Tom Moore for insring 'Frank's Finish Line Fundraiser', saying "Captain Tom has given us a really good news story when we desperately needed one, especially inspiring our little lad Frank."

"So many friends and neighbours have encouraged Frank, it’s been incredible! Folk have been so generous, especially at a time when people are struggling financially, and we would like to thank everyone who has supported Frank from the bottom of our hearts. It restores your faith in humanity."

You can follow Frank's journey and donate to the fundraiser on the family's JustGiving page here.

Well done Frank!