Chocolate beer is now a thing and here's how you can get your hands on some

Chocolate beer is now a thing and here's how you can get your hands on some

DO YOU like chocolate? How about beer? If the answer to both those questions is a resounding 'yes' then we've got just the thing: chocolate beer.

In a move that's likely to go down well with sweet-toothed alcohol enthusiast craft beer brand, Garage Project has put together a delicious-sounding cocoa-infused lager.

Created in partnership with Whittaker's chocolate, this heady brew has just been unveiled down in New Zealand, with plans to also make the beer available in Australia.

Unfortunately, that means this delightful chocolate beer may not be heading to the UK or Ireland any time soon - but never say never.

Part of an initial trial batch, if the beer proves popular then Garage Project could look to take the concept global.


There are some exciting things happening in the world of beer brewing right now with everything from sweet Percy Pig-infused tipples through to special shower beers hitting the shelves in recent times.

And just because Garage Project isn't bringing its chocolate beer to these shelves doesn't mean you can't get your hands on an equally tasty and similarly balanced concoction.

UK brewer Howling's is already offering a chocolate stout while Siren's indulgent Caribbean Chocolate Cake stout also comes highly recommended.

Best of all, these beers and many more are available to purchase and be delivered to your home using platforms like HonestBrew and Amazon.