Clonmel takeaway’s cheesy bites Irish banana pizza proving a hit with fast food fans

Clonmel takeaway’s cheesy bites Irish banana pizza proving a hit with fast food fans

A CLONMEL takeaway has introduced an Irish banana pizza to its menu.

We Knead Pizza in Clonmel is looking up the ante on ham and pineapple pizza with a new and even more divisive topping.

Made using bananas “sourced” from the Emerald Isle, an extra-large Irish Banana Pizza comes complete with a cheesy bites crust and will set you back €12.99.

The perfect takeaway for anyone looking to explore strange new food experience, cheesy banana pizza sounds like the kind of culinary creation that tastes a lot better than it sounds.

Speaking to the Irish Post, the owner of We Knead Pizza explained the thinking behind their new pizza creation.

“I always try to bring new ideas,” they said.

“I wanted to introduce something new that would attract customers. Eating the same flavour all the time can be boring. It's important to try new stuff.”

A unique addition to the Clonmel takeaway’s menu, the new pizza creation has already caught the eye online, where it is proving as controversial as expected.

One fans has even taken to Imgur to brand the pizza an “abomination” - but the new culinary creation has proven a lot more popular over at We Knead Pizza.

“It got a very good response,” the owner told us. “So I will be introducing more new ideas in the future”.

There are plenty more sweet and savoury combos that could work, of course.

Strawberry and balsamic vinegar pizza is quickly emerging as an option for the more daring pizza lovers among us, for example..

Failing that, We Knead Pizza might want to try out this Leprechaun pizza recipe which was previously featured on Irish Post.

No Leprechauns were harmed in the making of the pizza, of course.