Couple divorces after just three minutes of marriage

Couple divorces after just three minutes of marriage

“TIL DEATH do us part”.

That’s how the saying goes.

Marriage is supposed to be forever or, at the very least, for the foreseeable future.

However, one newlywed couple over in Kuwait evidently thought otherwise after reportedly getting divorces after just three minutes of marriage.

There’s no word yet on whether the union was consummated but it’s probably safe to say no.

According to a report from Q8 News, this most short-lived of marriages played out in a Kuwaiti courthouse.

The couple in question had been married for a matter of minutes when they decided to call time on their evidently unhappy union.

Reports suggest things began to fall apart when the bride accidentally tripped on her way out of the court room having just signed a marriage contract in front of a judge.

The husband apparently mocked his new wife for the fall, calling her stupid.

It was an unkind reaction that angered the woman to such an extent she asked the presiding judge to annul the marriage immediately.

Dubbed “the quickest divorce in Kuwait” the story highlights why it’s important not to rush into marriage too quickly.

Or something like that, anyway.