Covid-19 is 'accelerating across Europe' - warns Ireland's chief medical officer

Covid-19 is 'accelerating across Europe' - warns Ireland's chief medical officer

ACTING Chief Medical Officer Ronan Glynn has warned that Covid-19 is "accelerating across Europe" and that he hopes Ireland can avoid a "similar scenario".

Though Ireland's case numbers have been slowly dropping over the past few weeks and months, there are growing fears of a second wave of coronavirus, particularly with social distancing laws around the continent being relaxed and international travel well and truly on its way back to normal.

"Across Europe the pandemic appears to be accelerating once again," Dr Glynn told the press on Wednesday evening.

"We have an opportunity to avoid a similar scenario here. We must take it by focusing once again on keeping our distance, washing our hands, wearing face coverings and continuing to make safe decisions that will protect ourselves, our friends and our families.

"No one is safe unless everyone is safe," he added.

Dr Glynn's words come after 14 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed on Wednesday - 11 of which were close contacts of confirmed cases, with half showing no symptoms of the virus at all.

"If you are concerned that you have been in contact with a confirmed case please come forward for testing,"he added.

"Do not wait for symptoms to emerge."

Despite the warnings, it was revealed today that there are just six Covid-19 patients left receiving treatment in Irish hospitals - the lowest number in almost five months.