Death toll after suicide bomb attacks in Kabul rises to 85, children and US soldiers among dead

Death toll after suicide bomb attacks in Kabul rises to 85, children and US soldiers among dead

THE DEATH toll in Kabul following suicide bomb attacks has risen to 85.

72 Afghan citizens were killed in the blasts outside of Kabul airport,including 28 Taliban members, RTÉ News reports.

A further 13 US military service members were also killed in the blasts-- the single biggest tragedy to hit US troops in Afghanistan since a helicopter was shot down in 2011, killing 30.

18 other soldiers injured in the  blasts are being evacuated on specially equipped C-17 military planes.

Yesterday a Taliban spokesperson initially confirmed that 13 people had died in the bomb blasts outside Kabul airport, including children, and many more were injured.

The number of those injured has not yet been confirmed.

Terrorist group ISIS-K are believed to be responsible for the attacks, taking advantage of both western nations and the Taliban being distracted by the emergency evacuation and general instability of the nation.

The group is the Afghan branch of the so-called Islamic State, and are sworn enemies of the Taliban who they believe to be too 'soft' in their ideals.

Warnings were issued yesterday before the blasts of 'credible' threats of terrorist attacks near the airport targeting the evacuation process, leading embassies to urge people to stay away.

The US Central Command has warned that the United States are 'preparing' for more attacks from the terrorist organisation, including rockets or more bombs.

General Frank McKenzie said the Taliban is sharing information with US intelligence and some attacks have already been "thwarted".

Many western countries-- including Ireland-- have ended their evacuation mission despite some people being left behind, including 75 Irish citizens or residents, but the ongoing security threat is too great to stay.

The US however are continuing their mission, with General McKenzie noting there were still a further 1,000 US citizens in Afghanistan who had to be evacuated.