Desperate appeal after one Irish twin found 'very traumatised' and other still missing in Madrid

Desperate appeal after one Irish twin found 'very traumatised' and other still missing in Madrid

AN Irish woman is missing in Spain after disappearing with her twin sister, who has now been found in a "traumatised" state.

Carlow siblings Mary and Martha Osaro, 26, disappeared from Centro, La Latina, Madrid, while celebrating their birthday there last Thursday.

Mary has since been found but a search is still underway for Martha, although details remain scant.

In a video posted on Facebook, their older sister Jennifer said that Mary was "very traumatised" after being located.

"I found one twin, I found Mary, I can not disclose how I found her or where I found her," Jennifer said.

"I can tell you now from the feedback I got from where I found her, she was very traumatised.

"Just keep praying and keep hoping we'll find the other twin".

Jennifer also said that people were withholding information about Martha' whereabouts.

She added: "It seems some people are holding information about where Martha is and they don't want to communicate that information to me.

"I can't trust anyone. I'm still going to continue looking for Martha because I am not giving up, I found one twin and I’ll find the other if it's the last thing I do."

Earlier on Monday, Jennifer had posted an image of her sisters online as part of a public appeal to find them.

She wrote: "I need your help. These women below are my twin little sisters Martha-Joan Osaro and Mary-Jessica Osara, 26, 5 foot 8.

"They have been missing in Madrid since Thursday the 9th of May (they have been living in Madrid on and off for five years).

"They were last seen in Centro, La Latina, Madrid on Wednesday the 8th of May (they went out for their birthday).

"We are very worried about them and their well-being. Please share this as much as possible to use the power of social media to find them.

"If you get any information whatsoever please contact the Spanish police on +34913221072 and me on +35862750940 (I am also in Madrid.

"The police, Interpol and Irish embassy in Ireland and Spain have all their info. If you have any contacts in Madrid share to them as well."

The young women were described as being 1.75m, of thin build with a dark complexion and having long, dark wavy hair.

Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs said they are aware of the case and are providing consular assistance.