Do not bring your kids into indoor dining areas - Tony Holohan

Do not bring your kids into indoor dining areas - Tony Holohan

DR TONY Holohan says parents should not bring their children with them into indoor dining areas when they reopen later this month.

On Wednesday, Government passed legislation allowing for the return of indoor hospitality, and for the implementation of a nationwide vaccine pass system.

The new laws state that those who can prove they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, or that they've recovered from the disease in the last six months, may access indoor dining areas in pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés across the country.

Vaccine passes are currently being distributed to every adult with immunity to Covid-19 around the country.

Under the news rules, children are allowed to accompany fully vaccinated adults into indoor dining areas, but Dr Holohan insists that this is irresponsible.

"For now, to parents of young children, it's safer not to bring your children into indoor dining and other facilities, even though these kinds of things might be possible," Ireland's Chief Medical Officer (CMO) said.

"I mean, that would be the responsible public health advice. Children won't be vaccinated, [and] there is no plan at this point in time to vaccinate children.

"If you do need to go out or wish to go out with your children, dining outdoors is still possible.

"You don't have to go indoors. We know that Delta transmission among children can happen."

On Wednesday, Ireland recorded its highest number of daily Covid-19 cases since mid-February, amidst a recent rise in Delta variant infection around the country.

While the country's vaccination programme is going from strength to strength, the reopening of hospitality later this month means there will be more mixing and and higher potential of viral transmission than there has ever been in 2021.