Dog poo DNA tests are coming to Dublin

Dog poo DNA tests are coming to Dublin

DUBLIN AUTHORITIES are taking a stand against the spate of dog poo found across the streets of the Irish capital.

And they are deploying cutting-edge DNA techniques to help track down the main offenders or, rather, their owners.

Green Party councillors Claire Byrne and Partick Costello submitted a proposal to Dublin council to have dogs poo DNA tested.

They are also callng on Environmental Minister, Richard Bruton to increase the fines attached to such dirty deeps, which currently stand at €150 a poo.

Speaking to The Irish Herald, Costello called on the authorities to implement more “creative ways” to tackle the cities dog turd dilemma.


Dog poo on the streets remains a source of serious concern among those living in the Irish capital.

According to figures published by Dublin Council last year, 135 fines were handed out to people failing to pick up dog poo.

However, just 83 of these fines were eventually paid.

Dublin named among healthiest cities in the world to visit.

Costello highlighted the fact that DNA dog poo testing has already proven effective in areas of London.

Councils in Barking and Dagenham spent three months from January 2015 collecting dog poo samples in order to compile an extensive database of DNA with registered dogs.

"You have to build up a DNA database which you can do when chipping the dog, so you take a sample and at that point, you put it on the database," Costello told the Irish Herald.


Another proposal being put forward is calling the introduction of plastic bag dispensers at parks across the city.

They now await a decision from Dublin council on the matter.