Dying Irishman's family found but urgent search continues to find the London hospital he is in

Dying Irishman's family found but urgent search continues to find the London hospital he is in

THE FAMILY of a dying Irishman have been located in Ireland - but now the search is on for the neighbour who tried to find them. 

Finders Ireland, who are a probate research company, saw the appeal to find Mr Mulligan's family and worked to find any living relatives he may have.

Pauric Grennan of Finders Ireland told The Irish Post: "We just thought we'd see if we could help and did some genealogy work on it and discovered that Patrick John Mulligan has a cousin in the west of Ireland.

"We spoke to him and discovered that Mr Mulligan has at least one half sibling still alive in Ireland.

"Mr Mulligan's father, a garda, died before he was born and his mother remarried and had three children from her second marriage who would have been younger than Mr Mulligan.


"They're really interested in getting to speak to Mr Mulligan.

"There's a lot of family interest, and a lot of local interest in it. As normally happens in these situations, the community row in together and offer to help out. That's what we find with the Irish community in Britain, even back home, they're very supportive."

It is believed Mr Mulligan has been in London for a number of years after coming to Britain as a young man and lost contact with his family.

In the original appeal his neighbour Dave said: "My friend and next door neighbour of 20 years is from west Limerick and I am trying to find his family.

"Sadly he is dying in hospital virtually alone apart from my partner and myself.

"His name is Patrick John Mulligan (John). He was born in July 1942."

Mr Mulligan's condition is unknown and now an appeal has been launched to try and find Patrick John Mulligan's neighbour Dave.


Are you Mr Mulligan's neighbour Dave or do you know Dave? Please contact Erica on [email protected] or 0208 900 4354 or Finders Ireland on Tel: +353 (0)1 5676940