Engaged couple post advert for NAKED waiting staff to serve at their wedding

Engaged couple post advert for NAKED waiting staff to serve at their wedding

A COUPLE organising their wedding are searching for waiting staff - who would be willing to do the job naked - to serve at their wedding reception.

The would-be married couple, who are naturists, are offering £30 (€34) an hour for anyone who'd be happy to serve food and drinks at the event with their kit off.

The advert, posted on Bark.com reads: "I'm getting married next month and urgently need to find four waiting and two bar staff to help on the day.

"We're having a small ceremony with 30 guests at my fiancé's family home in Berkshire. We don't require much from the staff, they just need to help serve food and drink throughout the day, the only thing we do ask, is that they do it naked. Bear with us…

"My fiancé and I are naturists and fully celebrate that way of life, as do all of our family and friends, so having a nude wedding was the only way we wanted to promise ourselves to one another."

They go on to say that they don't feel comfortable in the presence of clothed people, "so why would we want to feel uncomfortable on the most special day of our lives?"

Why indeed?

The couple say they've been let down by a number of people already, with three sets of individuals initially agreeing to the job before changing their minds at the last minute.

"We know that this isn’t something the average waiter would be happy doing, but we’re hoping that we can find people out there who are comfortable in their own skin or are naturists too. We’re not even bothered if they have waiting experience at this point, as long as they are professional and polite!" They added.

The wedding takes place on October 2, so if you know anyone who'd be interested, send this their way.