Irish DIY store's heartwarming Christmas advert has the entire nation ‘sobbing’

Irish DIY store's heartwarming Christmas advert has the entire nation ‘sobbing’

AN IRISH DIY retailer has brought viewers to tears with its heartwarming new Christmas advert telling the story of a close-knit Dublin community and a simple act of kindness.

The new Woodies festive ad only began airing on television over the weekend but it has already struck a chord with many across Ireland thanks to its simple yet timeless message.

While the likes of John Lewis spent big on seasonal commercials, the Irish hardware retailer focused instead on delivering a timely message ahead of what is likely to be a very different Christmas for many.

Filmed on location on Ebenezer Terrace in Dublin 8, the ad centres on the kindly character of Mrs Higgins as she goes about her day, going in and out of her house via gate that’s falling off its hinge.

Every day she is greeted by friendly neighbours as she leaves her house. Each time she leaves through the gate that continues to creak and scape across the path.

Then, one cold snowy December night she returns home to find the faulty gate has been fixed by a local teenager eager to spread some Christmas cheer in his local community.

“Happy Christmas Mrs Higgins,” the kind teen says, watching on from across the road.

It’s a story inspired by the many stories that have come out of communities all over Ireland during the pandemic. Stories of friends, family and neighbours coming to the aid of the isolated and vulnerable.

Woodies was also inspired by the many selfless acts that helped the company raise an incredible €415,567 for four children’s charities this year with Woodie’s Heroes.

Marketing and Digital Director Suzanne Quinn said: “We have seen first-hand how the small acts of homemaking have become a part of everyone’s lives, more so now than ever. “

“Mrs Higgins’ celebrates these acts of kindness happening across Ireland and the immense sense of community - Team Woodie’s feel privileged to be able to play a small part in helping make that happen.”

The advert has proven popular in Ireland, where it has well and truly tugged on the heartstrings of countless thousands watch on at home.

“This ad really is lovely to watch, simple and full of the real Christmas spirit,” one fan on Twitter wrote. “Congratulations Woodies you nailed it.”

“The woodies ad has me sobbing,” another said.

“So good Woodies,” a third concurred. “We all need acts of kindness in our lives.”

“Ok that new Woodies Christmas Ad is the shot of wholesomeness I really need right now,” a fourth added.

The inspiring advert comes hot the heels of a tearjerking commercial for SuperValu which also had viewers in floods of tears when it debuted earlier this month.