Garda Ombudsman receives multiple complaints about Jerusalema dance challenge

Garda Ombudsman receives multiple complaints about Jerusalema dance challenge

THE GARDA Ombdsman has received multiple complaints from the public after officers across the country took part in a viral dance challenge.

The Garda Jerusalema dance was uploaded to social media last week, after the Irish police force was challenged by police in Switzerland, and immediately went viral.

Many people praised the Gardaí for lightening the mood and putting smiles on people's faces at a time when many are struggling under Ireland's third, and most difficult, national lockdown-- but not everyone was happy.

The Garda Ombudsman has confirmed that they received a a stream of complaints from the public about the dance, with some arguing that it was a waste of Garda time and resources.

A spokesperson for GSOC told Irish outlet that "GSOC has received a number of phone calls and emails (eight in total) from people wishing to complain about the “Jerusalema” video."

Earlier, the Garda Ombudsman had taken to Twitter where they shared the original Garda dance and wrote in an accompanying caption: "We'd like to confirm that GSOC will NOT be taking any complaints about these dancers.

"Nice moves," they added.

GSOC investigates claims made against An Garda Síochána when a member of the public is "directly affected or witness conduct that would constitute misbehaviour by guards", and it is understood that the Jerusalema dance challenge did not meet this criteria.

The viral dance challenge led to hundreds of others across Ireland taking part, with nursing homes, Coast Guard and other frontline workers also going viral for their efforts.