Gardai come to the rescue of Dublin fox found trapped in fencing during routine patrol

Gardai come to the rescue of Dublin fox found trapped in fencing during routine patrol

GARDAI CAME to the rescue of a stricken fox in Dublin over the weekend. 

While Garda officers are no strangers to people getting themselves into all kinds of bother on a night out, animals are an altogether different story. 

As a rule, foxes tend to keep well clear of humans – there’s a fair bit of history between the two sides. 

However, that wasn’t an option for one stricken Reynard over in Ballyfermot, Dublin. 

It was during a routine patrol of the area that officers were alerted to the animal’s plight. 


Upon closer inspection, they found a fox completely stuck in a bit of metal fencing close to the roadside. 

The animal appeared to be in some distress too and, try as he might, was unable to get himself free. 

Thankfully, Gardai were on hand to deal with the situation. 

Recent weeks have seen the officers tasked with any number of duties aimed at helping people in the wider community and lifting spirits as a whole. 

This particular incident may have differed slightly, but the officers involved nevertheless felt a certain sense of duty to help the fox out of his particular predicament. 


Using a couple of tools at hand, they were able to cut the animal free from his shackles. 

There was no word of thanks, of course, with the fox darting off into the night to make more mischief elsewhere.  

Thankfully, one of the officers on the scene had the wherewithal to take a picture of the fox before he made his way home. 

With people across Ireland currently living in lockdown, foxes are enjoying their newfound space and freedom no end.  

Something tells us this won’t be the last time they have a brush with the law during this pandemic, either.