Government is developing 'digital green certificate vaccine pass' for vaccinated citizens to access 'additional freedoms'

Government is developing 'digital green certificate vaccine pass' for vaccinated citizens to access 'additional freedoms'

LEO VARADKAR has confirmed that Ireland is developing a "digital green certificate vaccine pass" so people will be able to prove that they've received their Covid-19 jab.

The passes will grant vaccinated individuals additional freedoms, though these freedoms haven't been specified yet.

It's understood that they will likely grant people access to certain services and facilities where adhering to public health guidelines is difficult, like cinemas, gyms and pubs.

"We are developing a digital green certificate vaccine pass, so you’ll be able to prove that you're fully vaccinated," he said.

Varadkar also pledged that the majority of adults will have received at least one jab of the Covid-19 vaccine by mid-May, and that 80% of adults will be vaccinated by the end of June.

Government has spoken about introducing green certificates before. Last month Varadkar said that the passes would be up and running by June.

Reports of a vaccine pass have been met with a mixed response. Some feel as they're the fastest and safest way to reopen society without risking further infection, but others say the passes are divisive, unfair on those who haven't been vaccinated, and discriminatory against those who may choose not to accept their jab.

The Tánaiste allayed some of those fears though, suggesting that Ireland's vaccination programme was about to be seriously cranked up.

"I know a lot of people might feel that they're never going to get vaccinated. We're going to surprise you," Varadkar said.


Ireland's vaccine roll-out has been riddled with problems since it began back in December, with supply issues plaguing the entire programme for months one end, but according to Varadkar that could be set to change.

"We anticipate that by the middle of May the majority of adults will have had their first dose, and the over 70s will have been fully vaccinated.

"And by the end of June the vast, vast majority, more than 80% of people, will have been offered the first dose.

"We’d hope to do even better than that as well and many will have their second dose too. So you know, really the acceleration phase, the ramp up phase is April, May and June.

"With the addition of the fourth vaccine, the single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine that gets a little easier still.

"Like I say most adults will have had their first dose by the end of May, that’s not too far away."