Guinness unveils new Nitro Cold Brew Coffee beer

Guinness unveils new Nitro Cold Brew Coffee beer

GUINNESS HAS unveiled its latest boozy creation that combines all the familiar elements of the classic stout with another Irish favourite.

The origins of the original Irish coffee can be traced back to 1943 when Joe Sheridan, the head chef at a restaurant and coffee shop at flying-boat base in Foynes, County Limerick, came up with the recipe.

Eager to serve something capable of raising the spirits of those travelling through the base he hit upon the idea of combining Irish whiskey with coffee to create the ultimate winter warmer.

Now, nearly 80 years on, Guinness is combining Irish stout with iced coffee to create a truly unique spot of summer refreshment for anyone seeking something with a little kick to it.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee beer is the kind of concept that sounds crazy on paper but probably works a whole lot better in practice.

It’s a pretty heady combination of caffeine and alcohol that carries a 4% ABV and is initially being rolled out in the US, where iced coffee drinks are all the rage.

Combining the rich, smooth aroma of coffee with those familiar Guinness flavours, this could be the perfect drink to enjoy during a summer that could end up being spent largely outdoors.

The perfect way to kick out a night on the town or a refreshing alternative to the usual café fair, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is too intriguing a concept to ignore.

Currently being sold in four packs or as single cans, should the initial launch prove successful then Guinness fans can expect to see it arrive in Ireland and the rest of Europe soon enough.

Until then, don’t even think about trying to make your own at home. Combining a standard cup of coffee with a can of Guinness is not recommended. Leave it to the experts.