Disturbing image of the devil discovered in slice of beef

Disturbing image of the devil discovered in slice of beef

DOES THE devil walk among us in human form?

Not quite, but several thousand people on Twitter have been left shaken after a striking image of Satan himself was discovered lurking within an ordinary slice of beef.

The meat-dwelling demon was discovered waiting within a promotional shot from a Japanese delicatessen.

Captured by Twitter user @zogu8011, the alarming hunk of beef played host to the most ancient of evils.

Hidden within his meaty background and the marble-like fat that surrounds it, this enticing bit of beefy goodness boasted a striking portrait of Satan.


All the established features are present and correct.

From those prominent horns, pointed ears, and bat-like wings through to the muscular torso and blood-red eyes that have haunted many a dream.

It could be enough to put the more religious among you off beef for life.

However, these kinds of sightings aren't all that uncommon.

The face of Jesus Christ, for example, has been spotted in many a foodstuff over the years.


Still, they've never looked quite as fearsome as this.

And it's rare for beef to play host to the image of Satan.

It probably doesn't mean the end is nigh, either.

However, the resemblance is uncanny.