Irish man proposes to his girlfriend using alphabet spaghetti

Irish man proposes to his girlfriend using alphabet spaghetti

AN IRISH man has proposed to his girlfriend using alphabet spaghetti pieces.

Diarmuid, from Co. Longford, spelled out the words, 'Marry Me' on a slice of toast with the spaghetti pieces.

He wanted to come up with a unique way to propose to his beloved Karen, and after racking his brain "for weeks", he finally realised what to do.

"The only idea that kept coming back again and again as Heinz Alphabetti," he said.

"She really loved having it on toast for her dinner, which is why it came to mind.

"I knew it would catch her completely unaware to sit down for dinner, look down at her plate to see the words 'Marry Me' staring back up at her," Diarmuid added.

Once he placed the plate of food down, Diarmuid got down on one knee and presented Karen with an engagement ring.

"She replied, 'Are you joking me!?' I was delighted to have caught her out, she looked at me dumbfounded for a minute, and then she said yes," the husband-to-be beamed.

He had apparently disguised a day of annual leave as a sick day to give him time to prepare for the big moment and avoid suspicion from Karen.

"I knew I would need the whole day to set everything up perfectly," he added.

Funnily enough, Karen had actually planned to propose to Diarmuid, and had even bought an engagement ring of her own, but she was beaten to the punch.

Heinz, who apparently heard of the spectacular proposal, were inspired to offer a special Valentine's version of their Alphabetti for pasta loving couples this year.

Heinz Ireland marketing manager, Emily O'Kane, said: "We just loved the idea and immediately got to work on creating this limited edition 'Marry Me' version of Heinz Alphabetti just in time for Valentine's Day.

"This is a true one-off, born in Ireland and there are only a limited number of cans for sale via Heinz to home for a limited time only."

The unique alphabet spaghetti tins can be ordered from Heinz from February 1 for a price of 99c, plus post and packaging.