This Irish mother’s conversation with her son on busy Dublin bus is sure to leave you homesick

This Irish mother’s conversation with her son on busy Dublin bus is sure to leave you homesick

SOMETIMES THE smallest things can leave you longing for Ireland.

Hundreds upon thousands of Irish emigrants are currently abroad seeking fame, fortune and everything in between but that doesn’t mean they don’t pine for a return to their homeland.

You could be a million miles from the Emerald Isle but, like the old saying goes, home is where the heart is and where it will always be for the many Irish found scattered across the world.

A reminder of how the smallest things can set off the hardiest of Irish hearts came this weekend courtesy of Dorothy Cotter.

An Irish person who, like so many, lives and works in England, she took to social media over the weekend to share a special little conversation she overheard during a journey on a bus bound for Dublin airport.

Maybe it was the sad, sinking feeling that greets any return to normality following a special trip away or visit to see family, but Dorothy was left close to tears after journeying on a bus with a young mother and her two wonderful little boys.

With the two boys running wild up and down the stairs on the back of the bus, Dorothy was only too happy to listen along as the Irish mammy attempting to calm the boys down.

Repeated cries of “Patrick” were greeted with replies of “what?” as the mammy did her best to get the boys settled down. It eventually required the humorous and typically Irish intervention of the bus driver for things to settle down.

A warm, wonderful portrait of the kind of Irish life lurking in every corner of this Emerald Isle, Dorothy’s overheard exchange can be enjoyed here:

“This happened on the bus to Dublin airport earlier,” Dorothy wrote under the tweet.

“It’s the kind of stuff that makes me homesick. Love you Ireland, til the next time."

Never a truer word has been spoken.