Irish nationality ranked amongst top ten in the world

Irish nationality ranked amongst top ten in the world

BEING IRISH is the ninth best nationality to have in the world, according to an international index.

The ranking for the year 2017 sees Ireland move up from 11th place in 2016.

Ireland is in the ‘Extremely High Quality’ group.

The international index, known as the Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index, measures both the internal value of nationality and the external value of nationality.

In other words, it measures both the quality of life and opportunities for personal growth as well as the diversity and quality of opportunities.

The French nationality took the top spot, earning a score of 81.7% out of a possible 100%.

Germany took second place.

The UK drops down a position to 13th place, while the US moved up two ranks into 27th place.

China climbs to 59th place, while Russia maintains its position at 63rd place.

The Irish nationality has previously ranked as high as 5th on the index, in 2014.