Irish postman somehow delivers letter to 'ya know yer wan whose mother’s from Castleblakeney'

Irish postman somehow delivers letter to 'ya know yer wan whose mother’s from Castleblakeney'

THE An Post challenge has struck again.

First, a postman in Co. Donegal pulled off a seemingly impossible feat when he successfully delivered a letter to “that boy with the glasses”.

Then, a postman in Co. Wexford somehow managed to locate a correct address with little more than a hand-drawn map to show him the way.

Now – and this might just be the best yet – a postie in Co. Galway has hand-delivered a Christmas card with only an incredibly vague ‘address’ to go on.

Postman Celsius Sheridan went about solving the riddle after he had the unfortunate luck of finding the letter in his post bag.

The biggest hint to the whereabouts of the delivery address was the imprecise description “between Ballinasloe and Galway.”

The full address read: 'You know yer wan, her mother’s from Castleblakeney but the daughter’s an ex-townie. Grew up in Athlone and moved to Ballymacward when she got married.'

“Lives next door to her in-laws now. She has a rake of children, 7 dogs, 4 cats and about 30 hens and ducks, some rabbits and fish and I think she has a hamster as well.

“She has a shrine to the Virgin Mary in the left corner of her garden. Can you give her this please?”

Incredibly, postman Celsius recognised the address being described as the home of Nicole Lally and promptly delivered the letter, sent by a friend.

Nicole shared a picture of the card with An Post’s Facebook page, and thanked them for all their hard work.

"I was amused/mortified when the postman showed up this morning and hand-delivered this Christmas card from my friend who was delighted to have made a holy show of me," Nicole wrote.

"Thanks to my local postman Celsius who knew immediately who to deliver the card to when the supervisor read out the "address". Absolutely made my day, An Post have been great sports to find me."

Give that man a raise!