Irish supermarket's powerful Christmas advert leaves nation in tears

Irish supermarket's powerful Christmas advert leaves nation in tears

MOVE OVER, John Lewis...

We all knew this was going to be a very different type of Christmas, but the closer it gets the more reality is setting in.

At the start of this pandemic, all the way back in March, it's probably fair to say that nobody expected we would be in the same situation by Christmas. This year has shown us, more than ever, just how important family is-- especially our older members.

Leading Irish supermarket chain Supervalu has left the nation in floods of tears with its at-once heartwarming and heartbreaking Christmas advert which depicts a young Irish boy hanging Santa decorations, buying mince pies and making a 'Please Stop Here' sign while repeatedly asking his parents, "Is he definitely coming this year?".

We won't give it away, but the reactions have been... well, to be expected.

One Twitter user half-jokingly said they were "here to join the online support group for people who can't stop bawling over the SuperValu Christmas ad"-- something which, if it actually existed, would probably have large membership.

"WHY IS SUPERVALU MAKING ME CRY", another user said, while one person simply wrote: "Cheers Supervalu the whole of Ireland's crying now".

The supermarket posted the powerful advert to Twitter, alongside the caption:

"Christmas may be a little different this year but we all know who makes it extra special.

"Whether you're keeping old traditions or making new ones we all love a magical Christmas.

"You just have to Believe..."

Check out the advert below-- but be warned, there will be tears.