Irish town stunned as elderly women fight in the street

Irish town stunned as elderly women fight in the street

THE FIRST rule of Fight Club is… you have to be over 70.

Not the quote most would remember but that seemed to be the case when an argument between two elderly women got physical and spilled on to the street in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, in March 2018,

Cousins Christina and Maureen Ryan, both in their 70’s, appeared in court this week, according to The Limerick Leader, after they were witnessed by policeman and neighbour Sergeant Tadhg Reeves, fighting near his home.

The argument began over a disagreement about the will and funeral of Christina’s late husband and quickly became physical, with Christina claiming she was assaulted by Maureen, who punched her “in the boobs and stomach”, before banging her head off the footpath and attempting to drag her back into the house.

It was at this point Sgt Reeves intervened. The two 71-year-olds had gone for a meal the night previously, but things quickly turned sour the next day.

“She came at me with a carving knife. I saw my life passing in front of me. I ran out the door,” Christina said of the defendant, according to The Limerick Leader.

Acting as a witness in court, Sgt Reeves said: “Both parties were fighting. Maureen Ryan was hitting the other lady and the other lady was hitting her back. The other lady slammed Maureen Ryan against a patio door violently.”

He went on to say that he was “surprised” at Maureen Ryan, as she kept to herself and this was out of character for her. He also added that Christina was definitely under the influence of alcohol but that he couldn’t be sure when it came to Maureen.

While Maureen Ryan appeared in court charged with Assault, and with photographic evidence showing Christina Ryan’s facial injuries, Judge Gearty, hearing the case, dismissed the prosecution as she said: “It does seem quite clear that both gave as good as they got.”

She went on to say that the behaviour of the two 71-year-olds was “very unseemly”. When asked, the pair said they used to be close. “Not anymore,” said Christina Ryan.

You can find the full story on the Limerick Leader here.