Jedward shave off their trademark quiffs to as part of fundraiser for Irish Cancer Society

Jedward shave off their trademark quiffs to as part of fundraiser for Irish Cancer Society

JEDWARD HAVE done what once seemed unthinkable  

The Irish pop twins have shaved off their trademark quiffs in support of a very important cause. 

For ten years John and Edward Grimes, 29, have been an instantly recognisable part of Irish culture thanks to their iconic peroxide blonde hairstyles.  

But in a matter of seconds, the hairdos disappeared thanks to some clippers and an important cause. 

Friday, March 26th, was officially Daffodil Day in Ireland, with lockdown-friendly fundraising taking place across the country in support of the Irish Cancer Society.  

John and Edward lost their beloved mother Susanna to cancer in 2019.  

Eager to play their part in proceedings, the pair agreed to shave their heads live on air during the Daffodil Day special of the Late Late Show. 

It made for quite the spectacle for those watching along at home.  

"This is the grown-up Jedward,” Edward said, inspecting his newly cropped hairstyle. 

"Jaysus, who is this person?” he joked. 

"I’m going to get a collection of hats and sunscreen,” he added. 

Just minutes earlier he had said his goodbyes to the iconic hairstyle. 

“We’ve had this hair for over ten years, It’s part of our identity,” he said.  

“I don’t think we’d be here today if we didn’t have the hair but this is the first time were going to have hair like this since the beginning of Jedward.” 

John, meanwhile, spoke of their desire to show solidarity with anyone out there facing cancer. 

“To everyone who has cancer, you’re not alone. Everyone goes through cancer and has stories to tell. Our granddad had lung cancer and lived for 20 years with one lung and he had skin cancer,” he said. 

“We just want to say thanks to all the country for donating. It’s such unity the country needs right now and it’s such a great cause and it’s an exhilarating feeling to be here right now.” 

Their appearance included a poignant rendition of the Cyndi Lauper hit “True Colours”. 

Despite the ongoing lockdown and economic difficulties faced across Ireland, Daffodil Day proved a resounding success with some €2.6 million raised for the Irish Cancer Society. 

The twins paid tribute to everyone who donated and later took to social media to share a before and after shot of the haircut. 

“We're hopeful the funds raised will contribute to a cancer-free future,” they said.  

“We are honouring the memory of all those who have come and gone, we are sending strength and love to all those suffering.” 

Anyone wishing to donate to the charity can do so here.