Revisiting the time Jeff Goldblum starred in a TV ad for the Irish lottery

Revisiting the time Jeff Goldblum starred in a TV ad for the Irish lottery

JEFF GOLDBLUM is a man of many talents: actor, comedian and occasional musician.

Primarily known for his work in Hollywood, Goldblum has starred in a glut of iconic movies from the body horror of David Cronenberg’s The Fly through to the blockbuster brilliance of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

But for all his stellar work on the silver screen, Goldblum’s finest hour among the Irish public remains the Irish Lotto TV advert he starred in.

Filmed and broadcast back in 2003, it’s an appearance the actor probably hoped had been consigned to long-lost history.

After all, he wouldn’t be the first actor to leverage his considerable star power to earn money by appearing in adverts overseas.

But while such efforts are usually lost in the sands of time, Goldblum’s efforts have been uploaded to YouTube for posterity.

It sees Goldblum give three computer-animated would-be Teletubbies/aliens a tour of Hollywood in a stretch hummer.

And it’s every bit as strange as it sounds.

Made by Brown Bag Films, the advert is baffling for the fact Goldblum goes relatively underused with the three animated characters taking centre stage.

An offbeat advert that’s very much a product if its time, the fresh-faced Goldblum sports a slick and ever-so-slightly blonde-tinged hairstyle throughout.

It’s a striking look and one that definitely dates the advert. Well that and the music, clothes and casual sexism.

In a glittering career laden with memorable turns, it’s also Goldblum’s one and only contribution to the world of Ireland film and television.

That really needs to change.