Joe Biden gives shout out to two Irish counties in latest speech

Joe Biden gives shout out to two Irish counties in latest speech

US PRESIDENT-ELECT Joe Biden name-checked two Irish counties in his latest speech.

Biden boasts Irish heritage through his great-great-grandfather Patrick Blewitt, who was born in Ballina, Mayo, before emigrating to America in 1850.

The Democrat’s other great-great-grandfather Owen Finnegan also hails from the Emerald Isle, having been born in the Cooley Peninsula of Co Louth.

Biden’s appreciation for all things Irish was clear for everyone to see once again during his latest speech announcing Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as his Secretary of Labor.

He revealed that he picked Marty because he’s a friend, he’s “tough as nails” and most importantly he the son of Irish immigrants.

“For Secretary of Labor, I nominated a good friend and a stand-up guy Marty Walsh of Boston," Biden said.

“The son of Irish immigrants — the only downside is he’s not from Mayo, he’s from Galway.”

Biden’s appreciation for all things Ireland has already seen Taoiseach Micheal Martin given preference over UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson when it came to fielding calls of congratulations from other world leaders following his election victory over Donald Trump.

The incoming US President has also pledged to do everything in his power to protect the Good Friday Agreement from any potential fallout sparked by Brexit.

Biden’s victory was greeted with scenes of wild celebration in Ballina, where several of his distant relatives reside.

His inauguration is set to have a particularly Irish feel too with The Chieftans reportedly being lined up to perform.