Limited edition Father Ted stamps released to celebrate 25 years of the iconic series

Limited edition Father Ted stamps released to celebrate 25 years of the iconic series

LOOKS LIKE stamps, Ted!

It's hard to believe that Ireland's favourite comedy series turned 25 years old this year, but time flies when you're having fun-- or laughing at a bunch of hapless priests on Craggy Island.

To celebrate the iconic show turning a quarter of a century old (isn't that mad, Ted?), Ireland's postal service An Post have released a series of limited edition Father Ted stamps, complete with some of the most recognisable and quotable lines of the show.


'That's mad, Ted', 'That would be an ecumenical matter', 'Will you have a cup of tea, Father?' and 'That money was just resting in my account!' have now been immortalised in the form of stamps, with retro wallpaper in the background of each stamp depicting the different room sin Craggy Island Parochial House.

Pauline McLynne, who played Mrs Doyle in the legendary show, was on hand at the GPO for the launch of the limited edition stamps, posing alongside novelty versions which are neither small nor far away!

Speaking at the launch, Ms Lynne said she was "delighted with the recofnition Father Ted is receiving through these gorgeous stamps from An Post.

"The stamps are comical, colourful and capture the humour of Father Ted, which all of us knew was so special at the time, irreverent, farcical and fun!

"The legacy of the show and everyone involved with it lives on with Father Ted’s ongoing success and influence on language, on comedy writing and on generations of fans."


Father Ted fans or avid stamp collectors can buy a specially designed stamp booklet containing all the Ted stamps for €5.70 on the An Post website.